Saturday, April 30, 2011

Girl's trip to D.C. 1

April 15th day 60

My little sis was finishing up her student teaching in history this semester in Washington D.C., so it was the perfect opportunity for a girl's trip with mom, sisters, and sister in-law Kelsie. We missed you Meg! Ang actually didn't know that I was coming because I was didn't commit for a long time, but I showed up at the train station and hid while she was hugging everyone, and then she felt a pinch on the butt and didn't even need to turn around to see who it was. I don't think it was as secretive as we all thought. Everyone overemphasized that I wasn't going to be able to come, so Angie caught on. It was still fun to surprise her.

No you didn't. Oh yes, we did. Because there is not enough to see in our nation's capital, we had to start off our trip at Georgetown Cupcakes. This is the cupcake joint from DC Cupcakes on TLC. Now, truth be told I have never watched this show. But the fact that we started off our trip by going to a reality show headquarters is a little, well, shameful. This speaks of the lengths that we will go for a good bite. Yummy...yes. Worth a metro ride, a two mile walk, and standing in line for 45 minutes? Jury's still out on that one...

You see that building there, behind the chain, and the two iron gates, and the armed guards? Yes my friends, that is the home of our dear President Obama.

I am that girl who when you mention the national mall, thinks "hmmm, I wonder if they have a Nordstrom's at the national mall." Really, I didn't know what the national mall was. If any of you are as lame as I, and I assume you are not, but just in case, I will give you a crude explanation. The national mall is a plethora of monuments, memorials, museums, legislative buildings, etc., all conveniently lined up in a huge oblong shape with the Washington Monument right in the middle.

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery was particularly moving for me. There has never been a time in my life when I have been more acutely aware of the sacrifice that has been made to protect our lives and our liberties, then walking through this cemetery. I am always grateful, but in general overly sentimental emails on the fourth of July, or sappy country music songs about soldiers are usually lost on me. It took this very time and place in my life to put this into perspective. It took throngs...hundreds and hundreds of headstones, and it took walking through rows and rows of them for what felt like miles, to move me to the core. Because, for each of these headstones there was a very brave soldier, but there was also a brave mother. Someone courageous. Someone selfless.

I asked Nate a few weeks back what he would say if one of our boys came to him with news that he wanted to join the military. Nate said "I would tell him that he just made me as proud as I could ever be." That brought tears to my eyes, and still brings tears to my eyes. Maybe because I was proud of Nate. But, mostly because my response to that same question was nothing like that. Mine was more like H to the E to the L-L no. Sorry. I can't imagine losing a child. But, I really can't imagine allowing my child be put in harm's way. I can't imagine having that message delivered to my door. I can't imagine walking this cemetery and knowing that my loss was one hundreds of thousands. I am eternally grateful to the mothers of the world that have had to walk that walk. I hope to never know what that feels like.

I wasn't prepared to be as touched as I was. In fact, Arlington was not even on my list, but it was a highlight of my weekend. This is a special, special place.

The changing of the guards at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

JFK Memorial and The Eternal Flame

April 10th-14th

April 14th day 59

Stay tuned for D.C. pics...

April 13th day 58

Our new roommates...

Zeus...the protector. Need I say more?

Remington was our family dog until Sawyer was born. 3rd story apartment living with a newborn baby and a full time job, proved to be a not so dog friendly lifestyle. He was graciously taken temporarily by Nate's parents...which then proved to be not so temporary. He just loves his new home so much that we never reclaimed him. He is Sawyer's best little buddy.

Sophie the queen. She pouts if she doesn't get a soft blanket to lay on. She refuses to go outside if it is too cold or rainy. She doesn't care that there is a dog door, that is way too much work. If she is sitting somewhere that you want to sit she plays dead so that you have to strain your back to pick her up and get her out of the way. Next it's gonna be butt wiping. If you ask Sawyer what he thinks about Sophie, he says "Soapy grouchy!" But, that doesn't stop him from terrorizing her. Can't blame the girl...she is used to getting all of the attention 'til these stinkin' grandkids show up.

April 12th day 57

Basking in the morning sun with best buddy Remy Roo.

April 11th day 56

Who knew that when you have kids, you get gypped out of blowing out the birthday candles for the rest of your life? Happy 34th birthday sis.

April 10th day 55

I helped to host a baby shower for my good friend Angie, who is having another boy after a 6 year break since her son Indie. I can't wait to meet the new little one.

This baby can rock this onesie with confidence. Ang is a true rocker. She has seen the best of them live, and still goes to more concerts than anyone I know. I still recall sleepovers at her house in 7th grade, rockin' out to Bon Jovi on her kitchen counter. Ang would never let anyone else be Jon Bon Jovi, so I always had to be the goofy curly haired guy that plays the guitar, I think. That was over half my life ago!

Monday, April 25, 2011

March 30th-April 9th

I am seriously trying to get caught up, so that this is more fun and less work. Plus, I can't wait to post my pics from girl's weekend in DC. Stay tuned...

April 9th day 54

We had a shower for Nate's cousin Kelly and her baby girl. She has eleven and twelve year old sons, and got lucky with this girly girl.

Kylie and I made this cute blanket for Kelly.

If you live in Salt Lake, and have never been to The Bombay House, you are doing yourselves a serious disservice. Nate took me on a much needed night out, and it was worth taking a picture of. Order the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan, and my friend, you will not be disappointed. Our favorite place ever!

April 8th day 53
Singin' in the rain:)

April 7th day 52

Ok, full disclosure...I did not take a photo this day. I woke up in a panic at 3 a.m. and remembered that I forgot to take a photo, and figured it was already past midnight, so I went back to bed. I dug this out of the archives from a few months ago because I love this picture of Sawyer. Shame on me. If I only miss one day all year, it will still be considered a success, I guess.

April 6th day 51

Another day in paradise. Seriously though, if I could invent a contraption for the hard core student like my hubs, that could hold you in this position without the strain on the back and neck, I could be a rich woman. Is he ready for 30 years of surgery?

April 5th day 50
The view from my bedroom window. Not bad.

April 4th day 49

Sawyer thinks grandma and grandpa built this door especially for him...and they would have had he asked.

April 3rd day 48

I think it was close to the 80's in Vegas at this very moment.

April 2nd day 47

The great ole' Salt Lake. It is good to be home. And it is good to have babysitters so that we can spend beautiful mornings like this on our mountain bikes.

April 1st day 46

Sawyer hangin' with Nate's Aunt Lora, cousin Kelly, and her son Garrett.

March 31st day 45

Sawyer still loves driving with grandpa. If you ask him what he is doing, under grandpa's instruction, he says "cwuisin' chicks."

March 30th day 44
Yummy squash.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saying goodbye

March 29th day 43

saying goodbye...

the place where first steps were walked, and first gardens planted, and forts were built, and cupboards climbed. a place that would welcome us home. a place where we became mommy and daddy.

there will be many more, wherever they may be, and if each one can be a place of acceptance, a place of learning, a place of peace, a place of love, then we will have done our job.

March 28th day 42

Grayson attempting a nap in our bed in the middle of the family room. We seriously did not plan very well, and ended up packing up all of our beds and sleeping stuff because we thought we could be out by Monday. Monday turned in to late Tuesday, so Monday night was spent sleeping on the ground, sharing one pillow and one blanket with the hubby. I love the guy, but I am the big 3-0 now...practically an ole' lady. I need my pillow top mattress and down comforter for my achy breaky back!

March 27th day 41
The last supper!

March 26th day 40

Sawyer loves hanging with his cousins. So glad that he has so many...and they just keep on coming;)

March 25th day 39

Spring training '11....we had a great time in Phoenix again this year, minus the flu that seriously made the rounds through the kids during our stay. Oh yea, and that little detail about us moving that weekend. Ah priorities!
It did dawn on us that baseball games with 8 youngsters, and the same number of adults, is really not that fun (especially when two of them don't sweat!). We have simply outgrown the baseball stadium. Plan B for next year so that maybe someone can watch a little baseball. There was still sunshine and good times to be had!

March 24th day 38

Pooped out after the long drive to Phoenix.

March 23rd day 37
Papa "tuweewo" is here!

March 22nd day 36

Our last play group!! Sawyer would look forward for his "fwends" to come over every week, and then when they got here he would steal their toys, push them down, pull their hair. He really is usually a sweet boy, but just a little possessive on his own turf. Then they would leave and he would mope around saying "moy fwends...moy fwends." Oh, he is going to miss his "fwends" and I am gonna miss my "fwends" too!

March 21st day 35
Eskimo kisses

March 20th day 34

Kylie and Jared, who were instrumental in helping us move out. Thanks again guys!