Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Number two!

Soooo...many of you already know this, but baby #2 is on the way. Am I crazy? Yes!!! Excited? Yes!!! Did I have an ongoing panic attack for two months after I found out? Yes!!!
I am already 18 weeks so this post is a little past due. I am over the parasite taking over my body phase, and into fat and happy stage (although I would be a little more happy if there was a little less fat involved:)). I am due September 30th, so with a birthday on October 3rd I could very easily have a big 30th birthday present.
Monday we find out the gender. I am thinking a boy because Sawyer needs a partner in crime and one crazy boy in my house is not enough (on a side parents have watched Sawyer a bunch while I have been in Utah and they told me yesterday that they have no idea how I ever get anything done with that child around. Vindication!) ...but I would also love a girl. Stay tuned.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring break

Spring break this year started off in Arizona with a trip to my brother's house in Phoenix for some spring training baseball and r&r. It was so much fun as usual. Thanks Isaac and Kels, for being amazing hosts. Isaac made pulled pork with a smoker that he converted from a rusty, old diesel engine part. It was pretty amazing.
Sawyer dipping it again. Don't even think of taking away this fry sauce, lest ye want your life threatened by a 16 month old.


The boys and their babes. My little brother Nick is on the left with his two month old twins, Crew and Coen, and Isaac is in the middle with Adlee.Sawyer playing with cousin Adlee. Adlee is five months younger and has way more teeth than Sawyer. Oh yeah, that's because Sawyer still doesn't have any!

When we got home we had a few days to chill, and then Nate's parents, grandpa Vario and aunt Lora came to visit.

Here is Sawyer looking for Easter eggs. He was throwing them like baseballs until he realized that they were filled with candy. Then it was over and he didn't care about anything but eating chocolate.

Nate's grandpa singing Johnny Cash on the back patio. Sawyer was loving it.

Four generations

We spent one day at Bonnie Springs, which is an old comboy town on the outskirts of Vegas. There was a petting zoo and lots of stuff for Sawyer to explore, so he had a great time.