Thursday, January 27, 2011

No more nap??!!!

NOOOOO! No, No, No, No, No!!!! Say it isn't so!!! Sawyer is starting to refuse his one and only nap. My one saving grace with Sawyer is that I get two hours everyday that I can check my email, edit photos, read a book, clean my house, or just give Gray some undivided attention. This is where I recharge my battery (although unfortunately Sawyer recharges his as well). But alas, it looks to be coming to an end. About every other day that I put him down for a nap, he yells from his room for an hour until I finally come to get him. Today I went in and he had taken his diaper off, taken drawers out of his dresser, and scattered his books everywhere. Seriously, I might need to buy some of those ear muffs that block out all sound, put them on for those precious two hours, take him to his room and just pretend like he is sleeping:) Or, how about let it go and introduce the genius idea of the six o'clock bedtime. Hmmm! Something's gotta give!!! Here is the little guy just after waking up from one of said precious naps.

Oh sweet baby Gray! Gray is now 4 1/2 months old. Time is flying by as expected. He is such a sweet boy. Gray has a smile that can light up a room, with his tongue always hanging out and the cutest little dimples. You just have to give the boy a little attention and maybe a squeak in your voice, and his grin will brighten up your day. He is a BIG boy. At his four month appointment, Gray weighed in at over 16 lbs, which is double his birth weight! He is off the charts in height for his age, and in the 90+ percentile in weight. I am in love with all those puckers and rolls! He is having a hard time using all this size for anything productive. Gray refuses to hold up his body weight on his legs. He can't roll over. He is so limp when you try to pick him up that it's like carrying a sack of potatoes. Maybe he is subtly hinting to me "don't worry mom...I am going to be the calm and quiet one." Let's hope:)
My boys were blessed with the most puckered kissable lips! I can't get enough of them!!

Last week we went to the shark reef at Mandalay Bay with Nick, Meg and the twins. Sawyer really loved it at first, but he quickly lost interest once he realized he couldn't jump through the glass with the fish. He kept reaching out his hands and saying "hold you shark...hold you fishy." Then when he actually had the chance to touch the sting ray, he wanted nothing to do with it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cabin trip

A few days before Christmas my parents rented a cabin at Powder Mountain. Everyone in the family was able to come(luckily Nate got out of his obgyn rotation for a few days to make it). We had such a fun time! Mom made incredible food, we all got to snowboard or ski for a few days in some amazing snow, and we had a ton of good laughs. Eight kids under five can be pandemonium, but we had a blast. Thanks again mom and dad for the great memories!

Sawyer had a great time playing in the snow with his cousins. Grayson on the other hand was not very fond of the cold.

At Powder Mountain they offer cat rides up to part of the mountain that the lifts don't reach. For $15 you can ride the cat to the top of the ridge and get a five mile ride down the mountain. With this much snow we could not resist. My dad, brothers, Nate and I all took advantage and found a mountain of untouched snow...not to mention these majestic views.