Monday, June 27, 2011

May 31st-June 9th

June 9th

So, I guess I missed a photo this day because when I went to make this post, I could not find a photo on my phone or either camera. So, here is one from the iphone archives of our studly boy getting ready for our ski trip in December.

June 8th

Daddy storing up on those loves before he leaves for four months. Uggh!

June 7th
Sweet cheeks!

June 6th

Sawyer's first bike, that doesn't have a battery operated motor in it. He's not sold yet.

June 5th

We rode the mountain bike lifts at Sundance for the day with some old friends, and had such a blast. This is my girl Bree, who is my photog friend from college that I recently reconnected with. I adore this girl. She is the kind of gal you want to have much fun and always optimistic. She was giggling down the mountain, and she bikes like five days a week. It's good to have these types in your life.

June 4th

This is where Sawyer has been spending much of his time lately. He loves swimming! Grandpa has been giving lessons at least a few times a week, and Sawyer is getting so good at swimming. He can keep his balance and get anywhere with his life jacket on, but even without his jacket he can swim several feet and hold his breath under water. And of course, he is a little dare devil. He is already doing tricks off of the diving board, but not before everyone in the vicinity is watching...."watch mommy, watch daddy, watch papa, watch grandma."

June 3rd

Jungle Jim's with the cousins

June 2nd

Mountain biking draper canyon. One of our new favorite places to be!

June 1st

The Airborne Toxic Event....amazing, amazing show!

May 31st
loving bathtime!

Days 105-114 of the 365 day challenge.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May 20th-May 30th

May 30th day 104

Sawyer teaching brother how to sword fight. He got quickly frustrated after Grayson started eating his sword and decided hide and seek sounded like a funner idea.

"Mom....where did Sawyer go?"...he says several times a day after finding a hiding place. He usually gets too excited and pops out before I find him.

May 29th day 103

Over Memorial weekend, we took a trip with Nate's family to St. George, and hiked the Emerald Pools in Zion.

This photo is of Sawyer exactly two years ago in the same spot at the top of the pools. We made a stop on our way to Utah just after Nate finished his first year of medical school during Memorial weekend.

Sawyer and Gray two years later...

May 28th day 102

Sawyer has a fascination with guns lately. I fought it for awhile, but I guess I am coming to grips with the fact that he is boy and to a certain extent, it is in his DNA. Playin' shoot em up when we were kids seems a lot different and a lot less like reality than it does these days. But, as they say, boys will be boys. He is always telling me now "mom...I da bad guy" which I always say "no you look like the good guy" which he always replies "no, no I da bad guy."
Here he is after shooting everyone in the room. Usually when he shoots someone they play dead for a few seconds and that's it. This time everyone agreed to stay down for awhile and we got a pretty funny response.

(in his most sinister voice and looking quite proud)
(now looking a little more worried)
"Hey, wake up"
"wake up"
(Now quite concerned and shaking Kylie)

We got a good laugh.

May 27th day 101

May 26th day 100 (Wahoo!)

Puzzles are Sawyer's newest favorite thing. He will do them all day, and is pretty dang good at getting through the tough ones without much help.

May 25th day 99

Nate is already grooming this one to be the next A-rod.

May 24th day 98

May 23rd day 97
Professor Mortensen

May 22nd day 96

Have I mentioned how much we like this guy? Robbie is Ang's boyfriend and we have all taken a liking to him, especially Sawyer. Sawyer now thinks Angie and Robbie are one person as he always asks for them that way..."where's Angierobbie?"

May 21st day 95

A quickie trip to Moab with the hubs....the second Moab trip this month! Have I mentioned how good life is? It was baptism by fire for me on the Slickrock Trail, as apparently when I read that it was for advanced riders I must have thought they were talking to someone else. But it was an oh so beautiful day, with my oh so awesome husband, and I made it out after five hours with just one head over heels crash and a few bruises to mark the occasion:)

May 20th day 94