Monday, May 30, 2011

May 3rd-May 19th

May 19th day 93

Sawyer at 2 1/2 years and Grayson at 8 months

May 18th day 92

William Fitzimmons in concert at the Urban Lounge. Worth the effort!

My baby sis and I at the concert on her 26th birthday.

Sharing an ice cream cone with aunt Ang. Angie is a trooper for spending her birthday lunch at Mcdonald's;)

May 17th day 92

Nate's mom in her lovely garden. Maybe she can pass on some of that green thumb that I was born without:)

May 16th day 91

Isn't it funny how you finally get them to sleep, and then you get tempted to sneak in for some love and risk waking up the little monster. But it's always so tempting.

May 15th day 90

Breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

May 14th day 89

Nate and his new glasses. No, Nate is not really a stoner although this may seem otherwise. The flash on the i-phone is ridiculously bright and for the longest time he wouldn't keep his eyes open because he said his retinas were burning. I was all burned retinas vs. decent brainer.

May 13th day 88
Summertime=clothing optional

May 12th day 87

Enjoying the beautiful weather at the park. Now, I understand that I did not take these photos, but I consider photos I take or photos taken under my instructions still count for the 365 challenge. Otherwise I would never be in any photos, which, honestly I wouldn't really mind but for my children's sake I should show proof of my existence.

May 11th day 86

Two new babies born on the same day. Isaac is my good friend Angie's baby. We are hoping he takes after my brother Isaac who is the epitome of chill.

Baby Erin is Nate's cousin's little girl, who was born after two boys and a ten year gap. She is a loved little lady.

May 10th day 85

Edamame, pea and apple baby food. I am still hoping Gray will get a more distinguished palate and give it another go.

May 9th day 84


May 8th day 83

Sawyer, Seth and Grady playing Angry birds on grandma's ipad. Sawyer always elongates the "a" for some reason..."want to play aaaaaanger birds."

The boys did a marathon dishwashing on Mother's Day after an amazing Mexican feast that my parents made. Bless their souls. Too bad it's only once a year huh?

May 7th day 82

Riding the choo choo at the zoo

May 6th day 81

A stroll through the park

May 5th day 80
Nate and ESPN...'nuf said.

May 4th day 79
Grayson showing his new skills

May 3rd day 78

Play date with the "tuzzins."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grayson update

May 2nd day 77

Our little pumpkin...

So, sometimes Gray gets overshadowed a bit on this here blog because he may not have quite as many tricks up his sleeve(yet) as his big brother. There have been some noteworthy milestones lately that definitely deserve some attention.
  • Gray can hold his bottle up by himself (finally!!). Seriously though, he has been able to hold up his bottle for maybe a month, but will he? Until just this week, think again. Why on earth do it myself when someone will so faithfully do it for me?
  • Gray can also sit up. This is also about a month old, and a little belated given his age, but we'll take it. He's making it clear that he is on his own time schedule.
  • He is getting around a little on his belly just wiggling. Nothing on all fours yet, but between rolling and army crawling he is on the move.
  • His first word, I believe, was mama. Actually it was mamamamamama, which really means feed me, but whatever. I still win:)
  • Grayson is much more food motivated than his big brother ever was. He wants a bottle in his mouth before he ever opens his eyes in the morning. He loves solid food, except for my homemade brew. I was soexcited to start making him some healthy solids, but apparently edamame, pea and apple is not his combination of choice. It is the first thing that has made him gag. I have to add it in spoonfuls to other food just so it doesn't go to waste.
  • He is sleeping through the night!!!!!(yes that deserves five exclamation points). This is only within the last month that we get a full night of restful sleep. He was starting to sleep through the night just before we moved to SLC, but the move messed up his schedule and we were back to bad habits where he wanted to eat at 4-5 in the morn. Not any more, thank goodness! Now it is time to get him out of our room!
  • Grayson has a new found love for the bath since he can now sit up. He loves splashing, but has yet to connect that when he splashes Sawyer, he has one coming back for him.
  • Grayson had some pretty nasty allergies when we first moved to Salt Lake, and we initially thought it was an allergy to the dogs. His eyes were raccoon red for the first full month. But we tried getting away from the dogs and it didn't really rid the problem, and luckily now it is all cleared up. It looks like it is an environmental allergy of unknown origin.
  • For those who do not know, Grayson has all of the classic symptoms of Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, like his brother. The wrinkly skin around the eyes, the smelly boogers, the scruffy voice, the low set ears, the sparse hair, the lack of sweating, and yes, there are no teeth in sight for our hunka hunka burnin' love. But no teeth means no teething, so score for me:)
  • Ask anyone around, and they will tell you that Grayson's smile can light up a room. He smiles with every molecule in his face, and it doesn't take much. And then there is his laugh...this high pitched, squeaky, rolling, adorable laugh. Well, let's just say I am one lucky lady to get THAT smileand THAT laugh, just for walking into a room.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

April 28th-May 1st

May 1st day 76

Nate's cousin's cute boys Garrett and Wyatt.

April 30th day 75

April 29th day 74
Pirates manning their ship:)

April 28th day 73

Sweet little Kamryn at one year old. She is so much fun to shoot....full of spunk and energy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

April 19th-27th

April 27th day 72

signs of life

April 26th day 71

Driving the helicopter at the children's museum.

April 25th day 70

Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
No, seriously though, I didn't move here for winter in April. It's time for sunshine!

April 24th day 69

Easter morning

By round three, he was a seasoned pro!

April 23rd day 68

Family Easter egg hunt with all of my extended family, which is well over a hundred people these days. Clearly Seth is a happy camper.

Sawyer was very occupied with opening each egg to find his treasure before he could find another egg....thus the five eggs in his basket that we had to keep re-hiding because all of the other eggs had been found.

April 22nd day 67

April 21st day 66
New hair

April 20th day 65

April 19th day 64

"Yoyer drive dis dis one" is what we heard over and over again. The first of many car shows for Yoyer and papa this summer.