Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 22nd-July 4th

July 4th 139/365

Sawyer trying to cool Adlee off with his trusty spray bottle.

Isaac, Kelsie, Adlee, and baby boy bun in the oven, at the parade.

July 3rd 138/365

July 2nd 137/365

Four generations...minus a little nugget that was sleeping at the time.

July 1st 136/365

Locked out at bedtime. Whatever will he do without his electric blanket to sleep on.

June 30th 135/365

While someone was supposed to be napping....

June 29th 134/365

Puzzlemania at our house....every night.

June 28th 133/365

Nate and his mom playing frisbee in the backyard. Summer evenings in Utah are the best thing ever!

June 27th 132/365

Biking casualty. I got a little ambitious with way too much speed going off a little jump in Draper canyon. I might have closed my eyes, or Nate said I looked backwards, but either way was not the right way. I slammed into a wall of dirt and flipped head over heels. I'm lucky I didn't break my arm. This bruise was as big as a grapefruit, and I have a few scars to mark the occasion. Note to self...don't be a moron.

June 26th 131/365

Buzzy love

June 25th 130/365

Needs no explanation!

June 24th 129/365

Discovery museum and mcd's with the cousins

June 23rd 128/365

June 22nd 127/365

This is a family shoot I did with my good friend Melynda. She is an amazing photographer herself. I really had a ton of fun capturing her little family in action. They had such playful energy, and it's clear that they adore this little girl:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 13th-June 21st

June 21st 126/365

Biking city creek canyon

June 20th 125/365
Our new toy

June 19th 124/365

June 18th 123/365
Grandpa and his minions

June 17th 122/365

June 16th 121/365
There are turkeys among us

June 15th 120/365

June 14th 119/365

June 13th 118/365
Draper canyon

Monday, July 4, 2011


June 12th 117/365

Nate messing around on his buttery new full suspension Santa Cruz. And by new, I mean a total steal on KSL from a rich guy with a 3k mountain bike, that he only used to ride the kids around the neighborhood. Love it when that happens!

...and the ole man doing a decent job of keepin' up. Ouch!

June 11th 116/365

Sweet, sweet Moab. There was some biking. There was some 4 wheeling. There was some eating. There was some gaming. The perfect little vacation.

June 10th 115/365