Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prego pics and a few words on being a momma...

I finally posted some pics for you all to enjoy. It's tricky getting a halfway decent photo of the belly without highlighting the three chins that I currently have. I thought about posting some headless shots, but I didn't think that would fly. So, here are a few at the nearly 7 month (and plus thirty pounds) mark.
Okay, I'm nearly 28 years old and so clearly well into my child bearing prime, so can somebody tell me why I still feel so unprepared for this?
Although this baby was not exactly planned, it was not exactly unplanned either. I guess we sort of thought that we'd been together for 10 years, so it was probably time to get the ball rolling. We wanted to give ourselves some time in the event of a possible biological malfunction. So, we decided to roll the dice. . . and it sure did not take very long at all. . .
Now don't get me wrong. I've always wanted to be a mom. It just wasn't at the top of my list. And now that the doodle can't be undid, I can't stop thinking about all of the things that I haven't done yet or won't be able to do any more. I know it's dreadfully selfish (I don't have to feel as bad because I am typing this instead of saying it out loud, so he can't hear me).
I can attribute much of this anxiety to my dear niece and nephew. Sethie and Mia are two of my greatest loves, and that is in great part because of the fact that I can hand them back over after a few hours. Watching my sis, I've come to learn the huge demands of parenthood. At least Brittany can drop the babies off at my mom's any day of the week for some reprieve. I will not be so lucky, unless it's bad enough to ship him on a plane.
So to my dear baby, I am sorry. I'm sure that once I can smooch your cute face it will all be more than worth it, but until then I am going to continue to lament the carefree life I once lived.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our year in a nutshell. . .

Here's a little sneak peak of our last year. With a med student for a husband, this year might not be quite as eventful as the last(baby aside).

Nate and I at the Yankees game on the Fourth of July. I surprised Nate for his 28th birthday, and didn't tell him we were going to New York until we got to the airport. He wanted to see Yankee Stadium before it gets torn down. It was still priceless even though they lost both games!

New Orleans!

Our trip to New Orleans for the anatomy convention. Nate's favorite sign (only in New Orleans....or Vegas).

The swamp tour in the Louisiana Bayou(breathtakingly beautiful). Yes, that is a gator that swam right up to our boat.

Nate and I hiking out of Havasupai(one of the most beautiful places in the world). We're only on a few miles in, so we're still looking pretty fresh.

Nate indulging in one of his favorite obsessions. I say obsessions lightly, but if you know the kid you realize the weight of that word.

Nick and Meg's wedding in May. Cutest couple ever!

The delicate arch with the Mortensen fam. We finally got them out of the house.

Saying goodbye to our condo

Yip, I'm a blogger!

Well, I could say that this is Nate and I's blog. In fact, it's named Nate and Marci's blog, but really it's just Marci's blog where she can rant and rave and post pictures of her cute hubby, and adorable pooch, and growing appendage that will soon be a mini-Nate. We all know Nate is never coming close to this blog, in fact, I'll be lucky if he ever reads it. And yes, I did refer to myself in the third person. I'm sorry, but sitting in a house all by yourself every day will do that to a you.

Anyways, I'm glad I got this son of a b*&*%ing blog done. I am what you would call technologically inept. I skipped over the whole myspace era, and so I am still figuring this shiz out. It has taken me two full Saturdays to get this up and running. So, for this reason I am happy to be posting my first blog, or blogging my first post, or whatever!