Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 9 february 22nd

Playgroup....watch out!!! Not my best display of parenting today. First I am chatting with the girls, and I go to check on Grayson who was taking a nap on the bed....except that he wasn't taking a nap on the bed. He was screaming face down on the floor. Apparently he can roll all the way over now. Then, one of the girls left and I had not locked the door behind her. Well, one of the toddlers opened the door or something, because next thing you know a lady is pounding on the door and wants to know why there are a bunch of toddlers running around in the street. You know Sawyer was the ringleader of that little escape. Yikes:(

Day 8 february 21st

The awesomeness that is Sawyer!

Day 7 february 20th

Blueberry oatmeal pancakes on a Sunday morning:)

Day 6 february 19th

Day 5 february 18th

I like mac and cheese that much too, buddy!

Day 4 february 17th

Genius!!! I am forever in your debt hot wheel inventors, for providing Sawyer with hours, upon hours, upon hours of entertainment! He lines 'em up and counts them, then counts them backwards, then pours them into a bucket, then arranges them nicely in his hot wheel carrier, then dumps them in a grocery bag, and then into the golf bag and wheels them around the house. Endless possibilities:)

Day 3 february 16th

Happy birthday Coen and Crew!

Day 2 february 15th

Cake Smash!! I can't believe my adorable little nephews turned 1 already.

9 days down of the 365 day challenge(a photo a day).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My greatest loves

(disclaimer: although it may look otherwise, nobody was injured in the making of this card)
Who needs chocolate anyways!

I have to give a big shout out today to my guys...my three greatest loves. Here are the top ten reasons that I LOVE that you are mine and I am yours:)

I LOVE that because of you, I get two of the best names ever....wife and mama.

I LOVE that my future looks bright and cheerful with you in it.

I LOVE that no matter how bad a day I had yesterday, today always starts out with a kiss from my handsome hubby, a cooing blue eyed beauty in the crib, and a "hi mommy" from the sweet toddler climbing up to snuggle me in bed. Nothing like a fresh start.

I LOVE that there is never a dull moment. Ever!

I LOVE that date night is just as fun eating hamburgers on the floor with the kiddos while watching Despicable Me, as it is when we get a night out on the town.

I LOVE that I could never have dreamed that life could be as good as it is.

I LOVE that none of you judge me when I go to bed in the exact same get up and hairdo as when I woke up that morning.

I LOVE that you make me strive to be a better person each and every day.

I LOVE that because of you I will never take life or health (or teeth:)) for granted.

I LOVE that you open my heart and strengthen my spirit more and more each day.


p.s. Today is DAY 1 of the 365 challenge.
This means that I am challenging myself to take at least one photo every day for the next year (inspired by my friend Emily). This is to better document the mundane little nuggets of every day life, and as always to improve my photographic skills. These will be photos of the kids, but also of my life, my surroundings, my "real" photo shoots, or whatever floats my boat. I will try to use my good camera most of the time, but I maintain the right to also use my point and shoot or i-phone for the sake of convenience and ease. Yes, I will blog at least one photo from every day, but no, this does not mean I will blog every day. It does mean that I will blog more often to keep up on the photos. By this time next year I hope to be a better photographer, but also to have a cherished book of memories, and the gift to myself of seeing something through to the end.