Thursday, September 8, 2011

July 24th-August 18th

I have been a total blog slacker lately. Call it unmotivated. Call it burnt out. Call it being a single mom while dad is out of state. But, I have still be photographing and will get caught up on this blog.

august.18 183/365

I needed a photo for the new photography blog that I have in the works, and so my mom snapped a a few....okay more than a few shots of me.

august.17 182/365
Summer days

august.16 181/365
On the run...

august.15 180/365

Sawyer who is every bit his dad, is prone to getting obsessive over things. Right now it is a helicopter obsession.

august.14 179/365

Of course Kylie needs help blowing out her candles. Silly question.

august.13 178/365

august.12 177/365

How cute is my little sissy? She graduated!!! She is now fully equipped to be a history teacher, in a place that apparently no longer needs teachers. The luck!

august.11 176/365

Thanks to all of grandpa's swimming lessons this summer, Sawyer can now jump off of the diving board, come up for air, and with a little boost swim by himself to the side of the pool. He can swim under water half of the length of the pool. All of this without a life jacket on. I am pretty impressed.

august.10 175/365
When he crashes, he crashes hard

august.9 174/365
First bike ride...

august.8 173/365

Sawyer stealing Jared's birthday wish.

august.7 172/365


august.6 171/365

Somebody has discovered how fun it is to drop food to the vultures.

august.5 170/365
Feeding the turkeys with "Aunt Tylie"

august.4 169/365

Helping mommy make pigs in a blanket.

august.3 168/365

Sawyer and Grady playing in the sandbox. If there was audio it would sound something like this "no Sawyer...Sawyer don't." Funny he has the affect on people.

august.2 167/365

If you haven't caught on, these people like all things motorized. This is grandpa's big truck, and Sawyer never passed up on a chance to get in it, on it, under it.

august.1 166/365

My flight home from Columbus, Ohio. To get you all caught up, Nate has decided to specialize in radiology. It was general surgery, then orthopedic surgery, then pathology, then orthopedic surgery, then general surgery.....get the picture? Poor guy has had some big decisions to make and he likes a little bit of everything. Radiology made itself known a little late in the game, but it seems to be the best fit. It's a field that will allow him to make the most of his extensive knowledge in anatomy. He'll get to solve cases and talk medical jargon all day which is perfect for him, and hopefully be home in time for dinner, which is good for us:)
So, back to Columbus. I drove with Nate out to Ohio for his two months of audition rotations. He is spending two weeks in four different programs in the midwest, to essentially "try out" for the programs. It's a super competitive field, so doing audition rotations is one of the best ways to stand out. It's been a tough couple of months without him, but thanks to facetime on our iphones we get to see him almost as often as we want.
I had every intention of taking tons of road trip photos, but that was before I realized that Nebraska, Iowa and Indiana are just....corn. Corn everywhere. Honestly, it was still beautiful and picture worthy, but I was more focused on kickin' back with the hubby, enjoying the scenery, listening to books on tape, eating and talking. It was a good way to celebrate our 7th anniversary:) xoxo

july.31 165/365

Doctor's Hospital in Columbus is probably his favorite rotation so far. Columbus seems like a pretty good place to live, so I would be on board. Okay, I guess I am on board regardless...

july.30 164/365

This is a painting that our friend Shaun painted (and I secretly photographed). He is a talented guy on many levels. We were so lucky to be able to stay with Shaun and Erin in Springfield, Ill. on our way through town. Shaun just started a residency in plastic surgery. At the time, Erin was almost 9 months pregnant, and now their son Quinn has been joined by little brother Creed. Lame that I didn't get any photos of them, but we didn't get in to town until 9, and were out just after sunrise the next morning. They were so sweet to entertain us and we even got a home cooked meal. Thanks again guys!

july.29 163/365

Some legit bbq in a parking lot in Cheyenne, Wyoming...and unfortunately the only real road trip photos that I took:(

july.28 162/365

Up until recently, Gray has been getting around with the belly crawl. He uses only his right leg to push himself, and cleans up all of the dog hair with his belly. What a nice boy, huh:)

july.27 161/365

All of the critters watching the downpour.

july.26 160/365
This little guy is on the move...

july.25 159/365

We went on a weekend trip to a cabin in southern Idaho with some of my extended family. Sawyer always has a blast with cousins around, and he keeps everyone in stitches. He had a bit of an obsession with Shalee's pink boots, and stole them every time she took them off.

july.24 158/365
A stroll with gramps


Casie said...

The picture of Sawyer going off the diving board...WOW! I'm super impressed and admittedly I freaked out at first glance and I couldn't believe you were just taking a picture instead of grabbing him. :) Just kidding! But I'm super impressed he can swim so well! Brig still won't go under the water in the bath tub! We miss you! Love all the pictures. :)

Ryan & Jamie said...

That's a lot of catching up, but good work! I love the photo of you for your photo blog. Lookin' good! Your boys are looking as cute as ever, of course. I'm glad Nate decided on radiology now and I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out. Now we're BOTH hoping to end up in Columbus! Wouldn't that be awesome? :)

erin and shaun said...

Love that Shaun's painting made the 365 project! Loved having you guys here and hope we get to see you again soon. Good luck with the rest of the away rotations and residency applications. Next up...interview season! It's exhausting!