Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy birthday Grayson!

august.30 195/365

We had a Cat in the Hat birthday party with some close friends and family for Gray's 1st birthday. We were a few weeks early so that we could squeeze it in while Nate was in town.

august.29 194/365

august.28 193/365

august.27 192/365
Happy birthday grandma

august.26 191/365

august.25 190/365

Our lifeline to Nate these past three months....FACETIME!!!

august.24 189/365

august.23 188/365

The best part about building a lego tower is, of course, knocking it down.

august.22 187/365

Playtime with Aunt Ky

august.21 186/365

Trying to get those chubby wubby little things to work:)

august.20 185/365

Our own lil' John Wayne

august.19 184/365

A little photo message we sent to dad in Michigan

Full disclosure: a few of these photos are from the archives of the last few months. Yikes, I'll try harder. I made it over the halfway hump...thank goodness.


Emily Kate said...

Gray's party turned out so darling! Love his little tongue in the cake pics.

Denise said...

Gracie and I are loving all of the great pictures! The birthday cake pictures are priceless! We love you guys!

ChristopheRobyn said...

I love that picture of Grayson with his cake! Awesome. The party looked so cute! Great job.