Sunday, October 19, 2008

The white coat ceremony
A couple of weeks ago we attended Nate's white coat ceremony. Both of our families came down from Salt Lake (we have the greatest and most supportive families we could ever ask for), and crammed into our little two bedroom apartment for the weekend. It was such a cool experience. I'm so proud of Nate for everything that he has been able to accomplish so far, and all that he sets out to accomplish. I know that he is going to be such an amazing physician. Anyone that knows Nate knows that he puts all of his heart into everything that he does (he lives by the words of the great Ricky Bobby "if you're not first, you're last"). This is certainly no different. He's always telling me that he feels such enormous pressure because he knows that people's lives are going to be in his hands one day soon, and he owes it to those people to be the best. So, keep truckin' babe! You're almost there, only 30,960 more hours to go!