Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th day 26

Okay, so truth be told Grayson has never slept a wink in this room yet, but I need to start documenting the house because we are moving out this month. We decided to move to Utah for the next nine months and rent our house. Nate is going to be out of state for most of the summer and fall doing residency audition rotations, and I would rather not spend the summer in the Vegas heat by myself. Plus, it's a bonus that we get to save some money.
Poor little Gray has big bags under his eyes his morning. He has still been having lots of gas and eating problems, so he didn't sleep much yesterday at all. We are getting him tested this week to see if he has a milk allergy because we have tried everything under the sun. Yes, that is Sawyer in the back trying to climb into the bed. It's just a regular gymnasium in this house.

March 10th day 25

Nate got a surprise day off from his orthopedic surgery rotation, which has been pretty gnarly so far. Twelve to fourteen hour days have been the norm this month. Meg watched the boys and we went mountain biking. It was a blast, not to mention just kinda nice to have a husband for a day:)

March 9th day 24

Daddy's home...Sawyer's favorite part of the day!

March 8th day 23

Play group day. I was trying to get a picture of all the kids together, but yea right. The girls, Reagan and Abby, were waiting patiently in the bean bag for their picture to be taken, but the best I could get of Sawyer was the last one with his feet in the air. He doesn't have time for pictures when his friends are over. He has terrorizing to do.

March 7th day 22

March 6th day 21

I don't know how many times a day I hear "mama trampoline, mama trampoline." For smiles like these, it just might be worth it.

March 5th day 20

Uncle Nick giving Sawyer a climbing if he really needs to learn any new tricks.

Coen is walking!!!

March 4th day 19

Goofing around before bed. It is amazing that we get better pictures of Sawyer with a self timer than we do when I am chasing him around with a camera.

March 3rd day 18

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 17 march 2nd

Day 16 march 1st
Jealousy issues...ya think?

Day 15 february 28th

Day 14 february 27th

Sawyer was so pooped by the time the weekend was over because of late bed times and playing hard. He fought it for an hour on Sunday, but then finally there was silence in his room. I walked in and saw this...

Day 13 february 26th

Best buds! Grandpa always asks Sawyer "who's your best buddy," and Sawyer replies "papa." Then he asks "who's in charge" and Sawyer says "wama."

Day 12 february 25th

Day 11 february 24th

Nate's parents came and spent last weekend, which is always a hit with the boys. Grayson loves to be held all the time, and Sawyer eats up all the attention. When they are in town he wakes up every morning and from every nap yelling "papa...wama...papa...wama." Sawyer is a jumping fool these days. He'll scale anything without batting an eye, and you better be ready to catch.

Day 10 february 23rd

Oh the love!