Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall and Halloween

The other day Nate had the day off so we went to Red Rock for a little picnic and hiking (which 8 weeks post pregnancy means a light stroll in the mountains:) The weather was amazing. Not a bad little family pic for a self timer.

I totally love this family self portrait because of the tender little moment in the background. Sawyer loves kissing on his brother.

Trunk or treat with the Mexis Crew and Coen.

Our little monkey and banana.
A happy little camper on Halloween. We didn't actually go trick or treating because we were busy handing out candy and carving pumpkins, and before we realized it was too late. He loved handing out candy to the kids and you would never have known he missed out by this little smile.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am sending out birth announcements right now so I didn't want to spill all the beans, but here are just a few pics of our handsome little guy.

Keeping daddy warm while he studies.

The pumpkin patch was definitely a highlight for Sawyer this Halloween. We went a couple different times and he loved it. It was right by our house so every time we drove past he would gasp and yell "punkin." This spinning swing was his favorite and every time we got off the ride he would ask for "moy." My sister brought her kids down from Salt Lake for a weekend while my parents were here, and so the cousins got to spend some fun time together.

I have to give credit to my awesome friends who gave me this adorable baby shower. Just look at all the little details, and that cake! Then each of them brought me dinner after the baby was born. Between our parents taking care of us and our friends bringing us dinner, I didn't have to cook for over a month. They are the best!