Friday, July 9, 2010


Sawyer, not unlike his father, is a little obsessive. His recent obsession...driving. We may have the next Ricky Bobby on our hands. Since he has been with grandparents a lot lately, he is usually outside pretending to drive one of their cars, or he is in the house standing at the door saying, "drive, drive, drive". When it comes to his grandpas, ask and ye shall receive.
His preferred mode of transportation is a tractor, but he will settle for anything that has a motor. Whenever we are in the car Sawyer is always on the lookout for diesel trucks and tractors, and when he finds one he will point and say "wowee". It might have something to do with his grandpa Mortensen's slight obsession with cars, the obsession which Nate did not inherit. So, to make sure that Sawyer doesn't follow the same path, grandpa Mortensen and Sawyer have spent endless hours in his shop driving cars.
My mom was watching Sawyer recently, and they were in the garage so Sawyer could play on the four wheeler. He kept telling my mom "keys". My mom told him she didn't know where grandpa kept the keys and Sawyer pointed to a hook on the wall on the other side of the garage where the keys were hanging. She was pretty impressed.
Here are a few pics of Sawyer in action.