Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home sweet home

Here are a few highlights from our trip home. It was so nice to have a husband for a few weeks, and see a bunch of our awesome friends, relax, play in the snow, and of course eat. I lost count of how many cheeseballs I ate, but I'm paying for it now.

Sawyer's first (and last) Harley. Yes, it is motorized and yes, he did just turn one, but when grandpas are in charge I get no say.
These pics were from Sawyer's birthday party. It was pretty low key because the poor guy had bronchiolitis, thrush and an ear infection all within the first two weeks of December. I swear I feed my child even though it may not look like it.
We had a ginger bread house making contest with Nick and Megan before we left because they were stuck in Vegas for the holidays (Meg is prego with twins and was on lock down). I do think our house on the right took the title.
Sawyer was having no part of Santa.

Ang, mom and Sawyer.
Sawyer and all his cousins. It is officially a mad house these days.

We rode the Heber Creeper. We miss the mountains.
Sawyer helping grandpa shovel the driveway.

Back to our roots! We went snowboarding with dad and Ang. Nate and I met on this mountain 12 years ago. Whew, twelve years! I am getting old. Back then I used to do most of Nate's homework from SLCC so he could snowboard every day. Oh how things change! Did I mention I miss the the mountains?