Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fever!

My cute brothers! What great dads they will be, for Isaac in two months and for Nick I give it about 9:)

I love this time of year! Although spring is now the calm before the storm instead of the calm after the storm, I still love it. In a short month or so, it will be an unpleasant 100 degrees and climbing, so for now we'll enjoy the pleasant 80's. I hesitate to admit that I love spring is because it's the start of baseball season. It's in my blood. We just got back from the annual spring training trip to Phoenix to visit my brother and his wife (and baby Parley in utero), and of course to watch baseball. We have our fantasy baseball draft this Sunday. The only downer is that Nate and I will not be playing much softball this summer. It's a sad casualty of medical school and baby making, but I suppose it's worth it. The softball leagues have been in session for a few months here already, and every time we drive by a field I have to steer for Nate while he drools for a few seconds, and then we can get on with our day. Funny thing is, I'm really not exaggerating. Considering we were at the baseball fields 3-4 nights a week for the past 5 summers, I'm wondering what we will be doing with all of our spare time(ok, what I will be doing with all of MY spare time). Look, even Sawyer likes baseball...or the Yankees anyways. That is indoctrination at it's finest!
Speaking of Sawyer, he can roll over! This is big in mom life. It started last night with just the legs but he couldn't quite get the momentum for that head. Today he made the full rotation. Wahoo! I know that this has become a mom blog, but what can I say; not much else is cooler or more interesting than my kid. Let me think....the meltdown of our entire economic empire?...nope, not cooler. How about my life as an insurance adjuster?....certainly not more interesting. So, until something more noteworthy comes along, I'm going to keep blogging about this adorable little guy(who is quickly becoming not so little anymore).